Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Day & Night

I wore these two outfits on Saturday. In the daytime I went shopping and to Strawberry Fair (a kind of mini one-day festival in Cambridge), and in the evening I got my gladrags on and went out!

Left: t-shirt and trousers - Primark, bag - H&M, shoes - Topshop.
Right: t-shirt, skirt, belt and shoes - Primark, bag - H&M. (I need to buy less clothes from Primark!)

My guy friends took the piss out of my 'MC Hammer pants,' but I love them! And I like to think that if my male friends think my clothes are funny, it tends to mean that actually they're stylish :P

Daytime jewellery/shoes:

Green stone ring - market in Tenerife, thumb ring - stall in Cambridge, black stone ring - present from my boyfriend, pocket watch necklace - Camden market, nails - Blueberry by Barry M.

These Topshop beaded flats are pretty battered now but I still love them!

Nighttime jewellery:

Ring - present from my parents, earrings - Topshop.

Sorry for the crappy layout of the photos, I still need to work out how to make my photos all neat and the same size! If anyone has any tips for how, please share!

Also, thanks to everyone who gave me advice on the boots in my last post! The general consensus was that I should get them, but I really need to stop spending money haha..however I've put them on hold for 30 days so I'm pretty sure I'll end up buying them :)


  1. I LOVE the outfit on the right! The top is such a beautiful colour! xo

  2. the rings are great, that elephant necklace is so cute and the trousers are totally stylish!

  3. outfit for a day was great, love your pants :).

  4. oooo i love both outfits, especially the day one. i'm not sure about hareem pants myself, but they definitely look nice on you and well, guys always take the piss when they know nothing right?! you've got a lovely blog, and am i correct in saying you study french at cambridge? if so, dear lord i have no idea how you do it! i just did my AS exam and hopefully i'll scrape an A, but i do regret not including a 'ce qui' or a 'dont' wherever i could! xxx

  5. love love love the trousers! and the blue skirt looks so great! :) i love the nightime jewellery too! :) lovely pink heels! ronan x

  6. Ooh no let me just clarify I live in Cambridge (well, a village nearby) and I go to uni in Newcastle! But I do study French yes, just been on my year abroad and going into my final year in September :) <3

  7. Love the nail polish & girl you rock those MC Hammer Pants!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  8. I like the day/night outfit post here, really cool. I love strawberry fair & sitting by the river to chillax in the sun with some fruity cider... oh I miss England sometimes! Cambridge is so lovely.

    I adore your MC Hammer pants, and if boys are commenting on your clothes it means they've actually noticed which can only be a good thing! Also the heels and skirt in the evening picture are so pretty.

    Thank you for the comment on my blog :)
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  9. I love both of your outfits :) your hair looks so lovely all curly too :)

    Love, Vanilla

  10. cuute!

  11. cute! - especially love the first one!
    thanks for your comment x


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